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Social Work

Social Work

With a degree in social work, you will be able to study the interaction between people and social institutions.

You can earn a job in:

  • Community Development
  • Crisis Intervention Programs
  • Government Social Projects
  • Livelihood Training
  • National Government Offices
  • Outreach Programs
  • Public service
  • Research and Education
  • Social Rehabilitation Units

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Good paying degrees

When you plan to start a major, you should take into account the good paying degrees that will offer you a high salary.

Biochemistry is among the good paying degrees. The median mid career salary is $ 84, 000 and the median starting salary is $ 41,000. Biochemistry is a great major because you can easily get a job and there is a constant demand in this field of activity. With a major in biochemistry, you can find a job in hospitals, labs, research facilities and pharmaceutical companies. You can also work for clinics, refineries, and agriculture organizations. You should invest in a bachelor degree in biochemistry if you want to have one of the good paying degrees.

Among the good paying degrees, there are airline pilots, copilots and flight engineers. The median salary is around $ 119,000 yearly. You should prepare yourself to handle long flight hours and you will have people’s lives in your hands.

You have a great responsibility but if you have a passion for this kind of job you should invest in a degree in this domain of activity because it is one of the good paying degrees.

One of the good paying degrees is computer hardware engineering. You can earn around $ 100,000 and you will work with computer chips, circuit boards and computer systems. You will conduct research, you will design and develop computer and computer related equipment. You can work in manufacturing or installation computer systems and equipment.

If you are good at numbers and you have good mathematical skills you should obtain a bachelor degree in finance and become a financial advisor. You will earn a median annual salary of $ 99,000, so it is one of the good paying degrees that you should take into account. You will work in financial institutions, insurance companies and banks and you should have good interpersonal skills and be up to date with tax laws and changing economic trends.

Among the good paying degrees, there is business and economics. You should have a good knowledge of statistics, economics, finance and general business. You should be prepared to come with solutions in order to boost the profit of the company and to increase the efficiency of the workers. You should possess good leadership and motivational skills and you should know how to work in a team. If you are able to coordinate a team and to lead the workers, you might become a manager. It is one of the good paying degrees that help you to land on a job with a high salary but you should be prepared to be responsible and to pay attention to every tiny details of the business.

One of the good paying degrees is software engineering. You will earn a median annual salary of $ 94,000 and you will use the principles of systems software and computer science. You will test and evaluate software applications and you will use the latest advances in technology in order to improve communications in an organization.

One of the good paying degrees is artists and performers. You might be able to earn a salary of $ 81,000 yearly. You might manage artists and performers and you will represent the interests of the clients. If you become a manager of artists you will negotiate the contacts and schedule the performances. You will come up with a good strategy to plan the future of the client.

Among the good paying degrees there is financial examiners and accountants. You will earn a median annual salary of $ 78,000 and you should have at least the bachelor degree in order to be able to perform. You will ensure compliance with laws and regulations in the financial institutions and you will oversee the real estate transactions in order to see if they are accurate. It is a complex job that requires a high level of responsibility but if you are eager to face the challenge you should not hesitate to obtain one of the good paying degrees and have a beautiful career in finance.

We hope you are familiar with the trends in the job market in our days and we advise you to pay attention before you choose the job that best fits your needs. You should choose one of the good paying degrees in order to be motivated and rewarded of your job.

We award legal and verifiable degrees coming from accredited universities.

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